Places to Enjoy Naturism in Corsica

The French island of Corsica is one of the most stunning destinations for naturists. It's a blend of exquisite, sandy beaches and craggy peaks that will make your holiday unforgettable. At its core, naturism is about interacting with nature unrestricted. In this island, you get to do that and more. Besides the gorgeous scenery, the place is undisturbed. It offers nudists a chance to enjoy nature in many different ways. You will appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the region and everything else it has to offer. At, we give you ideas on what to do at a naturist village in French Corse.

Some Ideal Destinations

This Mediterranean island has several places where you can enjoy naked freedom. Bagheera is the top naturist centre on the island. It sits right on a 5-mile nudist beach. The resort accommodates all ages, making it perfect for family getaways. Apart from the camping site, guests can rent villas and chalets for accommodation. Between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia, you have Riva Bella, a four-star naturist campsite. It's in the heart of Corsica, so you get a little bit of lagoon, wilderness and the beach. In South Corsica on the South end of Porto-Vecchio gulf is the woody La Chiappa naturist village. Natural woods and a sandy beach characterise the 60-acre village. French Corse has a few other places that you can explore for the ultimate nudist experience.

An Extensive Range of Activities

Boredom is not something to worry about when staying at a naturist centre in the Isle of Beauty. Whether you are at a naturist centre on Porto-Vecchio or San Nicolao, expect a long list of things to do. The island is diverse and caters to a host of preferences. Water activities are big in the region, for obvious reasons. Surfing, diving and sailing are some activities you can include in your trip. Most of the island is mountainous, so you can hike, camp and explore the natural surroundings. The location of your naturist village will determine the regions you can visit. For entertainment, the island offers a vibrant nightlife. Check out the bars, clubs and exciting events around the towns. Enjoy naturism for all it is by participating in your favourite hobbies in a conducive environment with like-minded people.

As a naturist destination, the island is a gem. It is culturally rich, beautiful and peaceful. It has excellent accommodations such as the Bagheera naturist campsite. Plan a family getaway or a solo trip to this magnificent Mediterranean island and experience the best of French nature.