XIVth international Convention INF-FNI (Agde, 1974) has defined naturism as being: "A way of life in harmony with the nature, characterized by the practice of joint nudity, having for goal to support the self-respect, the respect of the others and the environment".



Collective nudity, within a family and operational framework, where all the generations are côtoient, is synonymous with pleasure and of freedom for the naturists, which seek to live with calms, immersed in a preserved nature. Collective nudity, within a family healthy atmosphere, where all generations together, is a synonymous with pleasure and freedom for the naturists, which seek to live with calms, immersed in a preserved nature.

However, nudity (nudism) is only one of the components of naturism: social dimension, respect of others, user-friendliness and tolerance are very important. Naturism allows in particular some people with complex or handicapped to accept themselves more easily and less to fear the glance of others. Naturist ethics is also characterized by the respect of the environment. Some naturists speak about "interior nudity" to refer to the benefits brought to psyche by the naturist practice.

Definition of naturism
This word also refers to:
  • Hippocrates’s doctrine
  • At the XVIII century, the worship of nature
  • With the end of the XIX century, the aesthetic theory preaching an absolute fidelity with reality - what is called today the naturalism.

The term "gymnosophie" associated yoga by Socrate or Plato is also used to qualify naturism.

History of Naturism

From the century of the Lights and myth of the "good savage" of Rousseau, the concept of naturism and the way in which it was put into practice played a dominating part in our report with the body and the evolution of the morals.
The motivations as well as the symbolic of naturism, did not cease evolving as time goes by, at the beginning values of hygienists, morals, medical and educational were highlighted. These values remain still today but ecology takes more and more importance. We see it today like leisure of holiday maker, but one is unaware of almost very his history and of his values: the separation of the sexuality (which must remained in the intimacy) and nudity, the self-respect and of others and the respect of its environment are the bases.