Indulge in Rich Gastronomy in the Creuse

True naturism is about enjoying nature in every way, and what tops cuisine of the Creuse terroir? The traditional recipes of the Creusois include foods grown in the rich soil of the region. Restaurants and eateries use local products to create mouth-watering dishes that make the region hard to forget. When planning a naturist holiday to this French destination or are just passing by the area, don't fail to try some of these traditional delicacies.

The Creative Soups

The area has several local soups that are a must-try one. One is the bouriquette soup that contains shallot, potato, sorrel and a poached egg. Another sorrel delicacy that will leave you yearning for more is the turret fricassee, which includes some bacon and onions as well fried in lard or goose fat. It is the perfect meal when you need to get some warmth in your belly. Or, maybe you want the bréjaude soup, which is a type of pot-au-feu that is local to Limousin. The soup is made of simmering a cast iron casserole of potatoes, bacon and cabbage or turnip.

Gourmet Dishes

Do you want a taste of gastronomy combined with the taste of locally grown produce? Then, the Creusois don’t disappoint. The potato pie is a favourite because it works as a starter, side dish or main course. With a fresh cream topping, this potato pie leaves a lasting impression. The Camembert fondue is a classic that locals serve with country ham and field dress or baked potatoes. Try the Limousin casserole of salt pork, bacon, potatoes cabbage and carrots.

Dessert Treats

If you can have only one dessert as you enjoy your time at the Creuse-Nature camping site, let it be the infamous Creusois cake. A common rumour around the region is that the original recipe dates back to the 15th century and has passed down through generations. It is made with butter and hazelnut and served with custard. For a lover of coffee or tea after meals, Marzipan makes the perfect accompaniment. It is a small macaroon made with honey and almond flour. You can have yours covered with chocolate for that extra sweetness. If you love clafouti, which is famously French, then you will enjoy its cousin flognarde, which is made with plums, apples and black cherries from Limousin.

In Creuse, farmers practice quality and positive agriculture, so restaurants have access to fresh foods. Wherever you are dining at in the region, take the time to try the traditional delicacies.