Hiking Trails in the Department of Creuse in France

The Creuse Department is the ideal place for nature lovers looking for a breath of fresh air. Its landscape is very beautiful, and you will be in harmony with the earth and nature.

There are numerous things and places to visit in this location, including Naturist campsite Creuse-Nature, which is a holiday center with many hiking trails around it. It is located in the middle of a 19 ha estate and is considered a naturist village by many. People can pitch their own tents, bring their caravans or mobile homes. Make a point of contacting a naturist center to know all the things you can do in the area. For those looking for hiking trails in this department, you can start here.

Millevaches Regional Nature Park

This park is a rural desert that is perfect for short hikes where you may walk under the shades of the Douglas pines. As you go hiking, make a point of learning about the sources of Oussines and Vienne peat bog.

The park is supplied with water by various springs. It is a peaceful territory with a lot of enchanting things like lakes, verdant meadows, peatlands, rivers and dry moorland that is covered with heather. It is a kingdom for hikers, and its highest spot is Mount Bessou, which stands at 976 metres. There is a beautiful site with a tower that offers beautiful views of the Auvergne Mountains.


If you are looking for wonderful trails to go to for a walk or hiking, consider Anzeme. This is a spot where you will get to learn about the department in another light. As you go on your walk, enjoy the stories surrounding the department. For example, start with the Devil’s Bridge or that small architectural treasure in that region.

Lake Vassiviere

If you are staying at a naturist center near Limousin, Lake Vassiviere must be on top of the list of places to visit. While there, you will be in a position to do several circuits peacefully in many natural sites surrounding this lake. Do not miss an opportunity to discover the Chassagnas peninsula, the Thaurion Valley or Vauveix peat bog.

This department is a great place for those who love exploring the wild and relaxing. With the many naturist campsites in the region, you can expect nothing but a great time as the people present have no quarrels with visitors. They also hold many activities for families where you can have by engaging in them.