Exploring The Best in Local Cuisine in The Vendee

The Vendée is a dream holiday destination for any naturist thanks to its temperate climate and an exquisite stretch of sandy beaches. However, that is not all it offers. The region is rich with local delicacies that will make your nudist getaway a unique one. An authentic naturism experience is about enjoying nature in all its element and partaking in the local cuisine is one way to do it. Naturisme.com makes it easy to taste some of the delights that the region is famous for.

Seafood All The Way

You can’t talk about this region’s gastronomy without marine-infused flavours. The sardines from St-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie have given the department a reputation as the go-to for marine-themed dishes. In 2000, the sardines received the red label, making them the first wild fish to do so. Savour fresh prawns, shellfish, crabs or lobster that is decorated with salt marshes for that extra kick. Fishing is a huge activity in the department, so tourists can expect fresh seafood of a wide variety.

A Fluffy Brioche

The brioche is the perfect finish to a meal when in this coastal region of France. In this department, the brioche is plaited before baking, which gives it a different shape from the traditional bread. It is made with unsalted butter, resulting in a rich flavour.

Meat Varieties

Beef and pork are the most popular choices in the Vendée for those who want to try some locally sourced meat. Enjoy a nice casserole when it's chilly or host a barbeque during warm weather. Top off your naturism experience with a wild rabbit pâté or Chalais Veal, which offers a unique tasting meal. Include some locally grown vegetables and potatoes for a true Vendean cultural experience.

Cheese Delights

Some of the local products that you can enjoy in plenty when visiting the department are cheeses. Do you like goat’s cheese? Then, you can get some of it here. It is used for various regional delicacies like Tourteau Fromage, which is a goat’s cheese cheesecake. Cheese from cow’s milk is readily available as well.

Vins des Fiefs Vendéans

The department consists of four territories - Vix, Brem, Pissotte and Mareuil - that produce delicious wine. The area is renowned for its reds and rosés whether you are a cabernet franc kind of person or prefer cabernet sauvignon. Pair these fruity, light wines with the local dishes.

Indulge in the natural products that the Vendée has to offer as you relish the nice weather and meet new people on your naturist holiday.