Delight in The Wonderful Delicacies in Corsica

The Mediterranean island of French Corse offers more than just stunning views of rugged coastline and hilly countryside. It is full of delicious foods that you have to experience to appreciate. The culinary scene in the island is a mix of French and Italian delicacies. Savour tantalising traditional dishes and wash them down with Corsican wines. Whatever your preferred tastes, the region caters to various palettes. helps you discover the best of naturism and cuisine in the Isle of Beauty.

Meat Dishes

Cured meats are a significant part of the Corsican gastronomy culture. Prisuttu, which is smoked raw ham, is one of the traditional island delicacies. Pulpone and figatellu are other cured meats you can try. Wild boar is the Corsican signature meat dish. Civet de sanglier is a casserole of wild boar, carrots, fennel, onions and garlic cooked with red wine. Veal with olives is a popular stew of tender veal, olives and herbs from the maquis. Meats are typically served with polenta or pasta.

Seafood Dishes

Fish is one of the local products that are readily available in the region. Pescetarians will appreciate the broad variety of options. Oysters are must-haves when in Corsica. Sea bream, red mullet and crayfish are other seafood alternatives. Enjoy fresh trout caught in the clean rivers around the island.

Your Dessert Options

A full gastronomy experience of the island must include desserts. Cheese is prominent in the area, so expect to find it in a majority of the desserts. Fiadone is a cake made from Corsican brocciu cheese and Chestnut flour. Eau de vie and lemon zest flavouring give the cake a brilliant twist. If coffee is your after-meal indulgence, then it is better with canistrelli - sweet chocolate chip biscuits with lemon or hazelnuts. The Bleu de Corse is a spicy cheese seasoned for six months that is among the must-haves of Corsican cuisine.

Corsican Wines

Wines are some of the local products on the island. You will find unique offerings that are exclusive to the region. The flavours are widely variant, thanks to the difference in soils. Most of the wines are from Ajaccio, Patrimonio and Sarténe. You must also taste the Muscat and Cap Corse apéritif drinks. Whether you are a rosé person or prefer a good white, Corsica provides everything.

What is a better way to enjoy naturism than immerse yourself fully in a particular culture? The Isle of Beauty doesn't disappoint when it comes to traditional foods. Excite your taste buds with mouthwatering delicacies of both French and Tuscany heritage.