The Beauty of Practicing Yoga as a Naturist

Yoga is an activity that promotes well-being by relaxing the mind. For over three millennia, people have been capitalising on the powers of this exercise. As a naturist, being a yogi sounds like a natural progression. In fact, ancient practitioners did not wear clothes when engaging in the activity.

As you book your next stay at a naturist village, think of how to include this practice in your range of activities. Why, you may ask? Yogis enjoy a special interaction with nature, and that is what naturism is about. Understand what the exercise has to offer to enjoy its benefits.

Similar Principles

One reason yogis and naturists fall in the same category is because the two lifestyles share almost identical principles. Both advocate interaction with nature. At a naturist campsite, you have the opportunity to be in the natural environment without obstructions. You can take an hour of shanas by the beach or the banks of a river, depending on where you are staying. Both activities are about building confidence in oneself. They teach to draw strength from inside and let it guide you. As a yogi and nudist, you learn how to focus your energy and channel it correctly.

The Health Advantages

Daily activities can place tremendous stress on the body and mid. This exercise is a good way to relieve those frustrations. Practitioners benefit from clarity of mind. You can learn to focus your thoughts to improve positive thinking. The activity promotes relaxation, allowing you to wash away worries and concentrate on yourself. Of course, there is the fitness advantage to being a yogi. Various exercises can help tone the abdominal muscles and increase body strength and flexibility.

Where to Practise It

At, we have a wealth of choices available for naturist yogis. Bask in the beautiful countryside weather at Creuse-Nature, soak up the Corsican sun in Bagheera or douse yourself in the rich fragrances in a naturist center in Lauzons, Provence. If you are not taking a naturist holiday, pop into a local club or hall and put in a few hours. Whether you are just beginning or have been a yogi for years, you can find the right place to practice both lifestyles.

Practising yoga as a naturist has added benefits. You get to engage in an exercise without the restrictions of clothes. You can move around sans friction and enjoy great freedom of movement. Enjoy excellent sensations as you move without discomfort all you need is the appropriate place to be a yogi and naturist.