The Secret to Getting a Naturist Holiday Right

Clothing optional holidays have grown massively in popularity as naturism becomes more mainstream. Going away to a destination that caters to nudist holidaying needs sounds like the perfect approach to relax and rejuvenate. Depending on the destination, you get to interact with nature.

The opportunity to meet fellow nudists and engage in exciting activities are other reasons to start thinking about organising a naturist holiday. A person who has never been to a naturist campsite may find it hard to plan a nice away, but a few ideas help.

Find the Perfect Destination

France offers some of the top naturist spots in Europe from Vendee to Corsica to Provence. Before booking your stay at a naturist campsite, decide what you want. Are you looking to spend time on a beach? Do you prefer the cool country air? Do you want exclusive nudist sites or a mixed destination? These requirements will narrow down the choice of destination. Of course, you must also factor in your budget, among other travel arrangements. Don’t forget to check the high and low season for various destinations.

The Accommodation

Renting vs camping- what works for you? Pick your preferred accommodation early so that you can get reservations if necessary. If you are staying at a campsite, know the regulations and requirements. For instance, will you have to bring the tent or can you hire one? Camping offers a certain appeal. You are closer to nature and can enjoy the best of it, especially if the place has nice weather. A naturist center will have rentals that meet diverse needs. Some areas have clothing-optional cottages, chalets, furnished apartments and caravans. The option of staying at a rental is ideal for a family, particularly one with children. For an individual new to the lifestyle, staying indoors will take some of the pressure off.

Plan Your Activities

The beauty of a naturist holiday is being able to have fun unrestricted. Just because you are holidaying in the nude doesn’t mean you shouldn't enjoy a good hike or an afternoon of fishing. When picking the naturist village at which you will be staying, find out the activities available for guests. If there is a beach nearby, you know you can indulge in adventures like scuba diving, swimming and surfing. If it’s in the country, you may have hike trails, bird watching spots and opportunities for extreme sports. Take the time to settle on a destination that suits your personality.

With the right preparations, you can pull off an unforgettable naturist holiday.