Riding a horse on a naturist beach

A unique experience on camping Bagheera

Bagheera is the kind of naturist campsite where you can easily lose every connection with
the outside world. It reminded us of the first half of the movie “The Beach”, a remote
paradise filled with likeminded people. It’s the kind of place where you forget what time or
even what day of the week it is. Where you just enjoy every moment naked on the beach
or in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Although we definitely enjoy sipping cocktails on naturist beaches, we also like to get
active from time to time. Therefor, Lins woke up every morning to enjoy the daily aqua gym
session. This is a typical activity that you can find at many naturist campsites in France,
but at Bagheera it’s being taken to a whole other level: It happens in the sea. Aqua gym in
the sea is already a fun experience on itself, but it also comes with a huge advantage: Lots
of space. In a swimming pool, these sessions sometimes feel a bit cramped when there
are too many participants. During aqua gym at Bagheera, you literally have a sea of

Also the hiking and cycling opportunities in the region are plenty and very enjoyable. The
abundance of greenery and the many lagoons take you from one amazing sight to another.
The warm temperatures during the summer afternoons might be a bit too much for
extensive physical activities, so luckily, there’s another way to explore the nature around
Bagheera: By horse.

So one afternoon, we walked out of Bagheera’s main gate, where a friendly girl with some
friendly horses were waiting for us. The walk started through the neighboring fields and
through endless almond orchards. The green trees on the rolling landscape were a source
for many pictures, but we could only imagine how beautiful this trip must have been if we
had visited in spring, when the white blossoms would cover the fields.
From the almond orchards, we continued our trip next to the campsite through forest and
passing by large green lagoons. And finally, we made our way towards the coast. There is
something about riding a horse on a beach. Because you’re higher up, you automatically
look further in the distance than when you’d be walking. Which creates a certain “Queen of
the world” feeling.

The part of the beach where we arrived was quite empty, but walking back in the direction
of Bagheera, more and more naked people came in sight. This was the first time that we
rode a horse on a nude beach, and from the smiles on the faces of the sunbathers, it
seemed that to many, it was also the first time that they saw a horse on a nude beach. It
was a strange setting, because not only were we on a horse, we were also clothed. Our
guide thought that it would be best to let her horse walk in the surf, and the other horses
followed the lead. Except for Nick’s horse, which had a fear of water and thought that it
was a much better idea to continue the trip right in between the sunbathers. Naturists will
often tell you that nobody stares at you on a nude beach, those naturists have never been
to a nude beach on a horse.