Hiking in Dordogne; Unique Trails to Try

Hiking an excellent way to experience the splendour that is Dordogne. The region is a natural beauty that creates a serene environment. You can hike the nice trails that take you to some of the most magnificent parts of the department.

Marvel at the wonders of Vezere Valley as you go from one trail to another. Make your way into some of the ancient caves and castles that give the area its charm. Naturist trails are available to cater to the people in the naturist campsite Domaine Laborde. Here are few of the trails to try out to discover the best of the region.

La Madeleine Loop

The trail loop is from Les Eyzies and goes through Tursac, measuring about 17 Km. The route provides a panoramic view of the Vezere Valley. Along the route, you will find picnic areas and campsites that are perfect for resting. The trail takes you through a forest and to the prehistoric church in Madeleine. If you are hiking in the summer, Tursac is a nice stop for a dip in the cool waters.

The 7 Brother's Loop

The Vezere River has seven rock croppings that stand just a few miles from Les Eyzies with the largest one at 300 m high. The trail starts from St. Martin church and maps a route through the medieval architecture that fills the area. You get to see some of the trading routes that were used in ancient times. The trail offers a collection of the best of nature from a blooming forest to a serene valley. Hikers of all skills can use the trails because they are not treacherous. The scenery is unforgettable and gives the best to photographs.

The Jacques le Croquant Trail

For a person who prefers hiking trails tucked away in the least visited parts, this route is perfect. The trail is named after a man who sacrificed his life to provide bread for peasants during the French Revolution. Hikers get to see five of the ovens that Jacques le Croquant provided. Then, there is the Templar Hospital, which is now in ruins. Hikers can see more ancient architecture as they explore the landscape. This trail is one that people staying at the naturist campsite can try out although it is not an exclusive naturist trail. The route begins from Eglise de Tayac to Les Eyzies de Tayac and takes about 6 hours.

From Les Eyzies to Rocamadour

Nothing rejuvenates the soul and energises the mind like walking in a natural environment. If you want a long hike (a week or more) to enjoy what the region has to offer, this route is ideal. You will pass through Medieval Sarlat, the Beune Valley and Carlux on your way. The trail is filled with architectural and natural wonder. If you are visiting the naturist village, you can include this trail on your to-do list.

Lot-et-Garonne offer some of the best natural sights in Southern France. People visiting the area can discover the history and beauty of the place by walking. For people staying at the naturist center of Domaine Laborde, can try out these hiking trails.