Discover The Magical Cuisine of the Côte d'Azur

Côte d'Azur offers a rich cuisine culture to accompany the beautiful scenery it offers. As you practice naturism in this part of France, fall in love with the delicious dishes that you will find here. The province has fertile lands that produce an impressive variety of vegetables and fruits. Provence is also famous for its olive oil, which locals use for most of their cooking. Your dining options vary from simple eateries to five-star rated restaurants with award-winning chefs. The following list presents some of the foods that you have to try when in the region.

The Provencal Staples

When you look at your aperitif choices in this part of France, tapenade is one of the musts. It's emblematic of Provencal gastronomy. Tapenade is a dip of black olives, anchovies, capers and garlic that you can eat with grilled toast or vegetable sticks. Vegetarians will find the infamous ratatouille in almost every menu. It's a mix of courgette, onions, aubergine, tomatoes, garlic and pepper. You can also have ratatouille with meat. Are you a cheese lover? Then, you will appreciate the different selections available in this region. Goat cheese is among the top ones. You can have fresh, semi-dry or dry. Venture into local markets for speciality cheeses.

The Best of The Mediterranean

Gastronomy in the Alpes-Maritimes and the surrounding region is heavy with Mediterranean influences. One example is socca, a thin, crunchy, unleavened pancake made from chickpea flour. Various fish dishes are available. Bouillabaisse is a stew of bony fish such as European conger, red rascasse and sea robin. Of course, there is the Niçoise salad, whose ingredients can vary widely. However, the basics are anchovies, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and lettuce. The soup au pistou borrows from the Italian minestrone. It contains beans, squash, tomatoes, green beans, onions and an assortment of ingredients.

Pairing Your Meals

Some of the local products available in plenty in the Alpes-Maritimes are wines. You can find a bottle to pair with just about any meal. Bellet is a Mention lemon liqueur you can try. If you like brandy, taste Branda. Pastis is a Mediterranean liqueur that is milky white. Usually, you take pastis before supper.

Naturism in Côte d'Azur is the perfect way to experience the lifestyle. Besides luxurious naturist centres, stunning beaches and a beautiful climate, the province is a marvel when it comes to food. Provencal cuisine is famous the world over for its local products and other attractions. You can find other cultural cuisines from such as Italian, Asian and African. Treat yourself to the best of Provencal delicacies.