About us & Commitment for quality

You're not only naturist when you put off your clothes. Besides of being naked, the essential is having respect for others, for yourself, and for nature... This is only possible when you have a certain sensibility and a listening ear, when you're open for the world around you.
Everybody is unique. And everybody needs others.


Be friendly, treat everybody equal, be tolerant, ecological aware, happy with yourself: that is Naturism, the fundaments of our well being. Be Naturist. You deserve it.


Natustar is five naturist sites where it is good living. Five oases of happiness, pure nature and realy holiday pleasure. Five places where you are being welcomed in a personal way. Where the owner -your host- knows you personnaly. At Natustar you will find sites which are not to big. Where you're moreover guest then client.


Natustar offers you a wide range of possibilities: from the Mediteranean beaches to the beautiness of Corse, the warm Provence, to the numerous places to visit in the Dordogne, the maximum sun hours in the Vendée, until the warm countryside of the centre of France, in the Creuse.


For Natustar Nature is very important. Respect for the environment is a basic rule at Natustar sites. The most of the Natustar sites have the eco label "la Clef Verte" (the Green Key), for a environmental friendly management.

In short: Natustar is Quality life.