NATURISME.COM is a group of six independent campsites united by the same enthusiastic desire to offer you a naturist vacation that suits you. All accommodations are 4 stars–a guarantee of real, high-quality service.

A choice of natural destinations

Located in the most beautiful regions of France, our six campsites provide a cozy atmosphere in an unspoiled setting. Whether by the sea, in the country, or even in the mountains, there is something for every taste and desire.

Campsites at a human scale

Far from the “factory” campsites, NATURISME.COM campsites are on a human scale. It won’t take long for you to settle in and meet the staff. During your stay, you will surely meet the owners of the property and they will be happy to spend a moment with you.

Always convivial

We cherish conviviality. We'll do our best to support you and brighten your stay with a personalized welcome, a caring attitude, natural partnerships, shared meals, and many rich encounters. You'll feel great, and so will we.

Healthy, Family-Friendly Naturism

We pay particular attention to respect the values of naturism. This respect for each person is vital in keeping everything running smoothly to live together. We welcome many families in the summer high season. Here, children can evolve freely, without inhibition, which is great for their development and the parents’ peace of mind.

Activities for all ages

Kids’ clubs, pizza workshops, tractor rides, sporting tournaments, tennis, family Olympics, reading, massages, walking, and music groups in the evening. The list is long and unique to each campsite. But there are also things to discover outside the campground. Our regions are full of natural wonders and impressive treasures to visit. So don’t hesitate to get away from it all.

A vital commitment to eco-responsibility

Workshops on saving water and sorting trash for young people. We use local wood for all our construction. We’ve put in short circuits using producers who are close to our campsites. These are just some of the daily actions we take to protect our planet. At NATURISME.COM, we firmly believe in this voluntary commitment.

As you can see, a stay at a NATURISME.COM campsite is, above all, a chance to experience an incredible human adventure.