Wellness and wine

Enjoy the french way of living at Domaine Laborde

The reason why we, and probably so many others, love traveling in France is that it’s the

country of the “good life”. A vacation in France is typically a combination of all the things

for which we don’t have much time in everyday life. Relaxing, rewinding, and getting

indulged in excellent food and wines. We are not chefs or wine connoisseurs, but that

doesn’t matter in France because it doesn’t really matter what you order. Even if

you don’t understand a word on the menu, you can be pretty sure that whatever arrives on

your plate and in your glass will be delicious.


At Domaine Laborde, we quickly noticed that all those reasons why so many people have

a vacation in France are the exact focus of the campsite. The abundance of nature is

perfect to escape the outside world and you can easily use the greenery as a method for

relaxation. It’s as if life automatically downshifts a couple of gears.


Being from Belgium, we are used to visiting spa centers for a day of relaxing and we found

this also at Laborde. In the form of a sauna, a hammam, and different types of massages.

Lots of people enjoy a jump into ice cold water after a couple of minutes in the sauna.

When we visited Laborde in mid-September, the evening temperatures already started

dropping and a skinny dip in one of the outdoor pools would definitely have done the trick.

But we are not big fans of cold water, even not after a sauna. Therefore we really

appreciated the indoor pool, which definitely gave the necessary refreshment but in a bit

more agreeable way.


Living the good life means more than spa and wellness though. Eventually, we don’t really

have very stressful lives and often find more joy in wining and dining, most of all if it’s

shared with other people. Around five in the afternoon was wine-o-clock at Domaine

Laborde. Many of the guests folded their sunbeds, got out of the pool, picked up their

towels, and moved towards the terrace of the bar. Almost as if everyone had received an

invisible invitation.


Jugs with wine appear from the bar, which typically loosens the lips, and soon we found

ourselves having different conversations with different people in different languages, all at

the same time. That’s another advantage of wine, by the way, it helps us speak foreign

languages much better. At least so we like to believe.


As this is still France, wine never comes alone and the Dordogne region happens to be

known for its excellent cuisine. Cheese platters, charcuterie platters, and so many other

delicious dishes found their way to our table and most of the other ones. If a day of

sunbathing next to the pool or reading under a tree doesn’t ease your mind and if the

sauna, the hammam, or massage didn’t do the magic either, being surrounded by delicious

wines, excellent food and lovely people will definitely make your naturist vacation in

France worth it.