Some of the Best Vendee Naturist Beaches

If you are looking for a naturist village in Vendee, you will be happy to know that there is a place where you can be at one with nature. Visit a naturist campsite and get to feel confident in your own skin without anyone judging you.

The Vendee in France has very many beaches and receives around 2,500 hours of sun every year. This makes it an ideal naturist center for any person to embrace naturism with the family. People can visit the Vendee France naturist campsite and spend a memorable vacation there. Located on the seaside, there is no limit to the number of water sports a person can enjoy while on naturist holidays.

There are normally two kinds of beaches for the naturist village. Some are the official naturist beaches where they can relax, swim and tan while the others are not for naturists although they are tolerated there. With the beautiful ocean sights in Vendee, naturists can enjoy a stretch of beach that is away from the major tourist spots.

Naturist campsite Le Colombier

This is a big naturist center that offers a very warm welcome to any visitors who wish to spend some quality time on the seaside as naturists. You will find plenty of local produce, large fields, a bar & restaurant, and a swimming pool where you can bask in the sun and get a great tan. Other activities include bread making and fishing in a nearby lake that is filled with kingfishers. This is a great place to enjoy naturism with the family.

Vendee Naturist Beaches

Apart from spending quality time in the Naturist campsite Le Colombier, there are other beaches where you can go for a naturist sport, swimming and also enjoy naturist holidays. They include:


This is a big golden sandy beach that is 7kilometres on the west of Olonne-Sur-Mer. You will find various signs that mark where the official naturist beach starts. However, naturists are also tolerated in the textile area. Although the beach has no toilets, you will find a spacious parking lot and some bars by the sea side.

Le Petit Pont

This beach is found at the Notre Dames Dunes and is authorised for naturists to walk freely and carry out various activities like swimming or playing beach volleyball on the sea side. It can be accessed from rue de la Grande, which is close to the Grivand village or camping Cypress, which is near Pont de Jaunay.

Les Lays

This beach is found in the Barre de Monts commune. It is authorised for naturists too. This is a 7kilometre stretch of isolated beach that can be accessed from the Chemin de la Paree. However, it might be hard to find a parking spot in this area. Enjoy taking a dip in the ocean or lay under the sun.

Enjoy having a great time in any of the above Vendee naturist beaches for fantastic naturist holidays.