How to start with naturism?

Knowing how to start can make the experience easy. At, we help naturist beginners find their way.

A Simple Guide to Becoming a Naturist

If you are looking up tips to getting into naturism, then you have learned about the lifestyle and think it is for you. Many people are embracing being naturists as society becomes more accepting of the practice than before. However, you cannot just decide to book a holiday at a naturist village and get into it. You have to ease yourself into nudism. Not every individual has the confidence to be naked outside. Knowing how to start can make the experience easy. At Natustar, we help naturist beginners find their way.

Get Comfortable with Your Body

You won't enjoy staying at a naturist campsite if you are shy about your naked body. For one, remind yourself that everyone is different. You will see perfectly toned, flawless bodies and you should be okay with that. As a beginner, it might take some time to get naked in front of other people. However, when you are confident in your own skin, transitioning from textiled to clothing-optional is fast. Begin by getting naked in front of a mirror and appreciating each aspect of your body. Do not rush yourself, though. Give yourself time to get into the right headspace because naturism is not only about the physical.

Practice at Home

How do you know if you are ready to walk around without clothes? Start at home. As a beginner, you need practice. Your house is the best place to do that. Sleeping in the nude is one way to do it. Then, try walking around like you would when clothed. Go about your chores in the nude. If you do not live alone, inform the others of your decision to become a naturist. Find out if they have trouble seeing you naked. You can agree on the places where you can be naked like your bedroom. With practice, it becomes natural.

Plan a Getaway

For the full experience of the naturist lifestyle, take a holiday at a naturist location. It is an opportunity to interact with fellow practitioners outside of your local club. Staying at a naturist center allows you to engage in various hobbies, depending on the activities available. Go fishing, hiking or sailing as you would on a normal holiday. Nudist holidays are also perfect for families and couples. France has some of the best naturist destinations. Whether you prefer wine country or the beach, you can find something desirable.

Natustar provides useful resources for naturists, including a list of the top nudist destinations. Browse our available options to find something suitable.