Our bath tub deluxe

Discover the glamping options at Creuse Nature

We already loved camping long before we discovered naturism. Especially with our own
tent. Arriving at an empty plot, completely setting up camp, and then some time later
packing everything and leaving without a trace gives us a certain feeling of freedom. Even
now, when we are living a completely nomadic life, few things feel more liberating than
camping. Another thing we love about staying in a tent is to be so close to nature. Only a
thin canvas separates you from the outside. You can hear all the sounds of nature, almost
like sleeping outside, without having to fear a mosquito attack.

Naturism proved to add an additional level to our camping experience. The fact that we
could live days without clothes only made us feel even more liberated. At a naturist
campsite, you’re also not bothered by some of the annoying things of camping, like having
to get dressed in a small tent where you can’t even stand up. You just walk naked out of
the tent and if clothes are needed, you put them on there. Or the “wet clothes in the
shower” phenomenon. If you’ve ever showered at a textile campsite, you know that there
are never enough hooks for all your clothes and that something will always fall on the wet
floor. Most often your underwear or your towel. At naturist campsites, you just walk
towards the shower naked, wash yourself, and on warm days you don’t even need a towel.
By the time you’ve walked back to your tent, you’ve been air-dried.

Long story short: We love camping with a tent. We thought that it was the best thing in the
world. Until recently though, when we discovered “glamping”. Although we like the “back to
basics” idea, when we’re camping for months in a row, we can’t say that we don’t miss
some comfort now and then. Some extra space to put our stuff or a real bed to sleep in,
without needing to give up the natural aspect of camping. Glamping provides the perfect
middle-way. As the name suggests, it’s about glamorous camping. You still enjoy the
pleasures of sleeping in a tent, but with the facilities that you normally only find in mobile
homes or chalets.

Glamping tents, also often called safari tents, come in different shapes, sizes and with
different facilities. We’ll always remember our stay at one of the safari tents at Creuse
Nature. Not only did it have the size to accommodate a small army and a very comfy bed,
it also had a real bath tub. An experience on itself, because bath tubs are very rare at
campsites, but it gets much better than this. We could open up the whole front of our tent,
so our bath tub gave an excellent view over the lake in front of us and of the sunset in the
background. We can tell you, you won’t find bath tubs in a more idyllic setting than that

It became our evening routine. As soon as the sun was setting, we filled the bath tub, filled
a glass of wine and watched the sunset over the lake. Soaking in the warm water and now
and then waving at the other naturists passing by. Glamping at a naturist campsite, it really
doesn’t get any better than this.