A Simple Guide to Hiking in the Nude

Nude hiking or randonue is one of the best ways to get the most out of naturism. It is an opportunity to interact with nature with nothing coming between you and the environment. When staying at a naturist village, you can plan a hike to explore what the region has to offer. Why should you do it and what is the best way to do it?

The Pros of a Nude Hike

One obvious advantage of partaking in the randonue is the freedom of moving without the limitation of fabric. Although clothes offer protection, they can also be itchy and hot when you are walking up a treacherous trail. Clothing-optional hikes allow you to keep your body free. You can enjoy the sun shining on your skin and leaves brushing against you. During nude hiking, you get to discover the landscape. Marvel at the beautiful sights around the naturist campsite as you come in contact with nature itself. Of course, there are the health benefits that come with the exercise you put in during your nude hike.

What to Bring Along

When taking a nude hike, you need to be as prepared as with any other activity. Carrying in the appropriate supplies will ensure that you can experience the best of the randonue. The right footwear is essential because it makes it easy and safe to tackle pebbled and rocky trails. You can also avoid hurting yourself when on the hike. Use sunscreen to protect the skin against direct exposure to sunlight. Depending on where you are going, an insect repellent might be a good investment. If you intend to camp after the hike, then you have to factor in the supplies required for that activity.

Emergency supplies are always recommended, especially if it’s a lengthy adventure that is far from the naturist center. Carry a well-stocked first-aid kit. Make sure you pack bandages, antiseptic, painkillers, scissors, tweezers and cotton wool. Carry enough water to hydrate during the hike and include snacks such as energy bars. Bring along torches in case it gets dark while you are still on the trail.

Another critical aspect of nude hikes is knowledge about where you are going as it ensures that the trails you take are properly marked and legal for clothes-optional activities. Check that the trails you select are safe to avoid people getting pricked by thorns every few steps.

A nude hike is one activity that you can include in your list of things to do when visiting a naturist village. You get to stay fit while interacting with nature.