Naturist camping: rental or tent?

A naturist camping vacation is a great way to unwind from our daily routine and to leave behind the noisy cities, as well as the frantic pace of our stressful lives!

Once undressed, a feeling of freedom and communion with nature arises from within. Whether in Provence, Aquitaine, Corsica, Creuse or Vendée, discover this peaceful way of life in one of the 6 naturist vacation resorts!

How to choose between renting a mobile home/cottage or sleeping under a tent?

A cottage or a mobile home... comfortable camping as if you were at home!

A mobile home or a cottage is a very well designed type of accommodation for stays at a naturist campsite. It makes for a convivial stay thanks to a fully equipped kitchen to prepare delicious meals, and preserves one's intimacy in the evening, with separate rooms for parents and children or friends. You feel at home, while having the option to live naked in your neighborhood! campsites offer a wide choice of rentals for 2, 4, 5, 6 or 8 people, and something can be found for all tastes and budgets.

Whether you come alone, or as a couple, with your family or with friends, you will find the right type of rental for you. Most have a private bathroom with toilet, shower and sink, including hot water.

Under a tent... live the camping experience in all its simplicity!

You prefer living in a tent? The greatest vacation is often the simplest. You will enjoy the quality of our camping resorts brought by the beauty of the surrounding nature. Bountiful Mother Nature, always ready for adventure or relaxation.

Is there a more beautiful setting than a mountain landscape as a living room? Than a river bank as a bedroom? Cooking in the sunshine in front of a field surrounded by flowers and shrubs, listening to the sea lull you to sleep in the evening when it is time for bed... That's what camping under a tent is all about, it's living with the elements in the middle of beautiful landscapes that you will certainly find in's camping resorts.

Each naturist vacation resort is different. The choice is yours! But comfort and easy accessibility on the premises are true everywhere. Choose the offer that best suits your needs, with or without electricity, a fridge or a picnic table. Enjoy a unique environment, either by the sea, a river, a lake, or with an exceptional view of the mountains.

Don't hesitate, book your mobile home/cottage or your camping site with today! We guarantee a complete change of scenery in our beautiful regions of France.