Naturism, the body in freedom // Live naked and free

Naturism is a way of life centered on freedom

Discovering Freedom in Naturism

For people who don't understand naturism, it might seem like it only involves taking off your clothes. However, it's much more than that. Being a naturist is as spiritual as it is physical. It is a state of being that prioritises the health of the entire self. Practising the lifestyle is an opportunity to discover more about yourself. You get a level of freedom that opens you up to exploring who you are beyond the norm. If you just starting as a naturist, all this might not be clear to you. Learning what the lifestyle offers helps you take full advantage.

The Difference from Nudism

It's not uncommon for people to confuse naturism for nudism or vice versa. What some individuals might not understand is that being a naturist is more than the act of being in the nude. Nudism is simply the act of removing your clothes in public and maybe doing some activities while naked. Naturists, on the other hand, have to embrace a whole lifestyle. You can use nudism as an act of protest but the naturist lifestyle is a state of being. It involves both the body and mind. Once you grasp this distinction, then you can enjoy the best parts about being a naturist.

Free the Body

Shedding your clothes comes with a sense of freedom. Imagine how it feels when you are home from work and get out of that suit. Even if you are not completely in the nude, it's freeing. If you are to ask many naturists what they love about the lifestyle, 'freedom' will be among the top answers. Clothes can be suffocating and getting rid of them, even for a few hours in a day can be exhilarating. Being in the nude lets you interact with nature uninhibited. Whether it's hiking, fishing or surfing, you can experience direct contact with the natural environment. A naturist campsite is especially a great place for this.

Find Peace and Yourself

Naturist spaces are excellent options when looking to escape daily stress. You can give your mind the chance to relax while capitalising on other benefits of staying with like-minded individuals. At a naturist village, you can participate in all kinds of activities from sports to social events. Whatever your relaxation needs, whether it's nature, the ocean or serenity, there's a naturist village for you.

Naturism can be freeing in many ways, and staying at a naturist campsite can help you discover how. France offers many locations like Domaine Laborde, Creuse-Nature and Les Lauzons where naturists can find the most suitable environments to be their true selves.