Naturism or the art of taking your time

Naturism is about learning to let go and enjoy the moments of relaxation

Becoming a naturist, is advocating for the return to nature and a healthier lifestyle. Naturism is the art of taking your time. It's about learning to let go and enjoy moments of calm and relaxation.

Meditation, a common practice in naturism

Becoming a naturist is not just about walking around naked, it's about adopting a new way of life that is more focused on the natural world and on connecting with the nature. Daily life is often fast-paced and doesn't leave us time to breathe and relax. Vacations in a naturist camp-site are perfect for appreciating this return to the calm.

To benefit fully from these moments, meditation and other techniques of relaxation are common practices for naturists. They allow to refocus on oneself and to enjoy moments of calm and serenity. To meditate in fully emerged in the nature is also a good means of feeling a true moment of freedom.

Sports activities that promote self-confidence

When one goes in a naturist village, it is also the moment to benefit from sports activities which one cannot always practice as one would like. Among naturists, the practice of yoga is rather common and this activity is proposed in the majority of the centers in France. But it is also possible to practice it alone, in silence, the feet in the grass.

Naturist centers also propose many other sports activities: fitness, aquagym, nautical activities are often proposed.

Live daily in contact with the elements

One of the principal advantages of naturism is to be able to be in close contact with the nature. It is all the more true when one leaves in a naturist center which is especially conceived for the adherents to this way of life. It is easier to be in contact with the elements when one takes advantage of these moments of rest and deep relaxation.

Being in touch with the nature allows you to enjoy a real feeling of freedom, which you don't find in everyday life, wrapped up in clothes. Taking the time to relax, enjoying life's little moments and regaining a sense of well-being are the greatest benefits of naturism.