Naturism, an art of living

Confidence and well-being are key notions in the naturism way of life

Naturism is not just about being naked outside. Confidence and well-being are key notions and some activities are very popular among naturists.

Reconnecting with nature

In 1974, the International Federation of Naturism defined this practice as "a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, and which has for consequence to support the respect of oneself, the others and the environment".

Living in harmony with the elements which surround us also implies the respect of the environment, of its fauna and flora. The consumption of organic products is for example very common, as well as local consumption.

Learn to let go and relax

Being naturist is not a practice but a way of being. The nudity, often lived in common, is a way to reach more well-being and to recharge oneself both physically and psychologically. For that, relaxing activities like meditation or yoga are often practiced by naturists.

Meditation is a perfect way to get in touch with one's inner self and to regain confidence. As for yoga, an ancestral practice adored throughout the world, it is a good way to keep in shape while learning to relax quickly. These sports are often practiced in groups.

Getting rid of everyday materialism

Beyond a relation with a healthier body and a return to the roots, naturists are also advocating a more relaxed way of life, turned towards simplicity. They tend to reject the current consumer society, turned towards the idea having more is always better. Everyday materialism is often kept to a minimum.

In the everyday life, the naturists also tend to turn to the consumption of organic and if possible local products. They often like to call upon producers located near their residence. The respect of the environment, the human and animal living conditions are engines in their perception of the life in general.