Good music and great people

Soak up the good vibes of Les Lauzons

The season of naturist campsites knows different phases. The first phase and the last

phase, normally from April to June and from September to October tend to be the most

relaxed. For most people who visit during these periods, naturism is all about peace,

quietness, and enjoying nature. Without lots of other people or loud noises, but also

without an abundance of entertainment.


We can enjoy these shoulder seasons a lot. Especially if we have some busy times behind

us, this is actually what we’re looking for. But we definitely love traveling in the heat of the

high season as well. This is when the campsites run full and when there’s always a busy

atmosphere. People who travel in summer often enjoy the crowds, or at least got very

used to it. This is also the time when you see most families and young people appear.

Most of all, the high season is when most of the activities are happening. If you like an

active vacation during the summer months, at most campsites there won’t be any need to

even leave the domain. We like to get active too, now and then, but the warm sun in the

south of France often keeps us from doing much. When we visited Les Lauzons during a

couple of hot days in August, the only place where we wanted to be during the day was

either inside one of the pools or at least very close to it.


Most other guests shared our opinion, it was just too hot to do anything else. Luckily, by

the time the sun reached the horizon in the evening, the temperatures changed from very

warm to very agreeable. Around this time, it almost seemed as if the campsite woke up.

People started walking around, and often found their way to the bar area. An excellent

choice, if you ask us. The large terrace of the outdoor bar, nicely decorated with mood

lighting, resembled a kind of large garden party. Or one of those garden bars where you

sometimes stumble upon in cities. You’re walking between concrete buildings and

suddenly look through a gate and there it is, the garden bar.


The bar at Les Lauzons is much easier to find though. If you don’t know where it is and

you’ve lost your campsite map, the sound of the music is a good indicator too. Every day a

different local band played their tunes, and we have to say, most of the bands delivered

pure quality. The fact that they often play covers of popular songs also adds a lot to the



One evening, we sat down next to another couple and heard that they spoke our

language. We introduced and started talking. Apparently, they were not only from the same

region in Belgium as ourselves, but we also had quite a lot of mutual friends. New cover

songs started in the background, but we weren’t really listening anymore. We had

engaged in an interesting conversation that would go on for several hours. This is the

charm of traveling in the high season. In the end, naturism is social and you get the

chance to meet so many interesting people.