Enjoying the Best Dordogne Has to Offer in Cuisine

The naturist lifestyle is about interacting with different elements of nature, and that includes cuisine. Dordogne in the department of New Aquitaine is one of the top naturist locations in France. Besides offering great scenery, the region has mouthwatering delicacies that you can't afford to miss. From the richest truffles to local wine, the culinary range is diverse. The cuisine here is a chance to awaken your senses. As you explore naturism in the area, treat yourself to some of the local foods.

Duck and Goose Delicacies

The area, which is also called Périgord, is among the top food regions in France. Duck and goose are the top choices for the area's gastronomy scene. Magret de canard, which is duck breast served with different sauces, is a popular variety. You can also try duck or goose legs slow cooked then fried in fat and served with fried potatoes.

Foie Gras, Truffles and Mushrooms

Foie gras is a traditional meal that you have to indulge in when in this part of France. It is fat liver from a fattened goose or duck cooked in different ways. You can have the dish by itself as pâté, mousse or parfait or order it as accompaniment. Black truffles are local products in this area, and you can enjoy them with different meals. They are common ingredients in gourmet foods. Mushrooms are other readily available products. Go to any farmer's market, and you will find fresh mushrooms that you can get for your home cooking.

Cheese and Nuts

Nuts are a huge part of the Périgord gastronomy. Walnuts are particularly plentiful in the region and are used for various dishes. Taste a walnut cake in Périgord, and you won't regret it. Cheese-based meals are also popular. Goat cheese is a speciality in these parts that is usually served with salads.

Dordogne Wines

You can't truly partake in the gastronomy scene in this department of New Aquitaine without wine. The southern part of Périgord, specifically Bergerac, is full of vineyards that make the best wines in the department. Wines from this part of France might not be as famous as others, but they offer just as rich an experience.

The cuisine in Dordogne is rich and diverse. Fresh local products are readily available in the region, which increases the selection of foods available. Whether you are vegetarian or love seafood dishes, Périgord doesn't disappoint. Get the best from naturism in Périgord with a choice of dishes made from naturally sourced products.