Let's Go Nude at Cote d'Azur

Naturist holidays are gaining popularity in the contemporary society. Holidaymakers particularly in Europe; Spain, Denmark, Germany, and France are adapting the naturist idea quite well. Supported by the sun and a warm climate naturist holidays are by day becoming popular.

The experience of going nude is freeing. The concept of Naturism is based on the principle of respect; respecting nature and respecting fellow naturists.

Communing with the environment when naked is a freeing experience. If you want to try it out then Cote d'Azur / France is just where you need to be. Cote d'Azur / France is located on the Mediterranean coast south of France. It is popularly known for its wonderful sun beaches and an excellent site for naturist holidays. Among the naturist, villages are plenty, the two most popular campsites are: Naturist campsite Les Lauzons and Naturist campsite Domaine l'Origan.

Domaine des Lauzons

Naturist campsite Les Lauzons is located on the hillside. The naturist village has an extensive terrain of over 40 hectares. It is very seductive. The village has great ambience and is suited for all family. The location allows the naturist to receive maximum sunshine. Whether for sport or leisure the Naturist center is just ideal for the naturist holiday you are planning. Additionally, the Domaine des Lauzons offers a naturist swimming pool at the heart of nature. Moreover, the center offers first-class services and activities. There is something for everyone at the Domaine des Lauzons. Noteworthy, our customers give a perfect review of the accommodation, facilities, and the services and in general the whole naturist experience at the Domaine des Lauzons.

Naturist campsite Domaine l'Origan

Domaine l'Origan is the definition of a modern-day naturist campsite. The naturist village offers a variety of naturist accommodation. The village offers an excellent pricing strategy for all the customers. Moreover, they throughout the year are giving great discounts for the naturist to take advantage and experience the environment in its totality. The accommodation includes; Villa Romana, Chalets, Mobile Homes and a static tent. There is more than any naturist could ask for. The Naturist center offers a spectacular view with excellent terraces. At the terraces, the sunbathing experience cannot be understated. Furthermore, The Origan naturist campsite offers the perfect bargain. The services and activities offered in the village are state of the art. Excitingly, the clients who have camped with the Domaine l'Origan give the 4-star reviews. Take advantage of the South of France and experience the fullness of nature while getting sun-kissed naked.