Come to Corsica for a broad-minded holiday

Corsica is popular with tourists as its tourist sites are relatively underdeveloped and therefore unspoiled. The areas near Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio in southern Corsica and Bonifacio in Upper Corsica are particularly popular.

Corsica and naturism

Whether or not you are a naturist why not try one of the island's naturist resorts? Although naturism is prohibited in the island as a whole it is permitted within established nudist tourist areas. You don't have to be a nudist to enjoy naturist holidays but can simply enjoy them for quiet relaxation. The fine coastline creates a swimming paradise and the enticing Mediterranean sea is perfect for diving. Even if walking and swimming in the nude is not something you've done before why not try a new experience and meet new, interesting people who enjoy nature? Many resorts cater for naturist holidays ranging from places describing themselves as a naturist center, a naturist campsite or a naturist village depending partly on what sort of facilities they have.

Where to practice naturism ?

Many say that the best nudist resort is the Naturist campsite Bagheera. This is one of three naturism sites on the extensive fine Bagheera sandy beach. You can camp or hire a mini-villa or chalet there either beside the beach or in the adjacent eucalyptus forest. There are also well-shaded places for caravans and tents and you can choose whether you want electricity or not. There are also four sanitary units with hot water, basins and showers. In low season extra facilities are available at Naturist campsite Bagheera including a washing machine, a dryer, a new heated toilet block, an extra baby's room and even a hair-dryer.

The naturist beaches

By planning your vacation in a naturist center, you ensure relaxation, but also the discovery of the most beautiful diving spots in the region. True paradise of swimming, you can discover these naturist beaches :

  • The beaches of Linguizzetta: Chiosura, Tropica, Bagheera
  • Carataghju Beach
  • The beach of Grand Capo
  • Bodri beach

So why not come and experience genuine relaxation, enjoying diving and a swimming paradise in that deep blue Mediterranean sea? Whether the naturism resort you stay at is called a naturist campsite, a naturist village or a naturist center why not do something different from the usual beach holiday? It will give you something interesting to talk about on your return and, hopefully, give you a fresh, enjoyable experience.