A Typical Day on a Naturist Holiday

Naturism offers unique advantages to your well-being and a holiday at naturist centre is one way to experience them. Naturist holidays are not that much different from regular getaways. You have the same opportunities for relaxation and exploration. The type of experience depends on where you are. At Naturisme.com, we give you an idea of what to anticipate when you are out there on a campsite or resort in France.

Discover the Region

Sightseeing is one of the activities to include on a typical day during your holiday. Your options depend on the location of the naturist village. Nudist resorts in France are set in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Visitors can explore magical landscapes that range from vineyards to the countryside to sandy beaches. Clothed excursions can also be part of your day. Being a naturist doesn't mean staying naked all the time. Throw on a comfortable outfit and head to the various sights around town. See historical monuments, natural attractions and be part of local events.

Interact with the Environment

Naturism is about being one with nature and you can do that on a typical day at a naturist campsite. A host of outdoor activities are available to include on your itinerary. Take walks in natural settings, hike treacherous trails and mountain bike across hilly terrain. Water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and surfing are also popular in areas along the coast. Some naturist campsites have activities for family fun in which guests can participate. Allow children to experience a different aspect of the lifestyle. Staying at a naturist centre means being close to other nudists. For a beginner, you can spend this time engaging with seasoned naturists and learning from them.

Recharge after a Long Day

Whatever you have been up to during the day, a naturist village provides an opportunity to unwind. Various places across France have facilities where guests can end their day. Enjoy quiet relaxation at a sauna while you sweat off the day's tiredness. Take a dip in a pool or dive into a natural lake to cool down. You can also spend an evening resting on a lounge chair with a good book.

A day at a naturist campsite is an opportunity to accomplish so much. Besides relaxation, a naturist getaway is a chance for discovery both of the lifestyle and the destination. With an idea of what you can gain, pick a location that is perfect for you. Browser the Naturisme.com list of destinations to see what works for you.