7 good reasons to try naturism

Here are 7 good reasons why people try La France, the first naturist destination in the world.

1. Nudity provides physical and psychological benefits.

It's an excellent learning process to freeing oneself from shame, savouring the simple pleasures, finding more authenticity in relationships with others and developing respect and kindness towards others.

2. To separate oneself from restrictive clothing.

During very hot weather, what would be more pleasant than to undress and finally be relieved of one's clothes! Who hasn't had the pleasure of being caressed by the sun's gentle rays? Many people choose to take nudist vacations to profit completely from the sun and the freedom that one has in the nude!

3. The pure pleasure of feeling the elements on one's skin.

It's only by living in the nude that one realises how much being completely nude on the beach or around a pool is a real pleasure. Swimming naked is to rediscover the enveloping sensation of water on one's body, a feeling of satisfaction.

4. Naturism is an excellent practice for improving one's health.

One half hour of exposure to the sun in the nude is equivalent to 2 meals from an energy-giving standpoint. The sun is essential for the normal functioning of the skin, whose principle role is the elimination of toxins. Yet the skin can't fulfil this role due to an excess of toxins. Exposure to the sun gives back the skin's vitality.

5. Naturism combats the excesses of civilisation.

All the organic functions of the body are stimulated: the liver, circulation, digestion, etc. The metabolism increases, waste products are eliminated and fat is transformed. In naturist villages, you can often attend a body-decorating process for newcomers, especially those who are quite stout.

6. A healthy learning process of the child with his or her body living in community.

To become accustomed to nudity with children can turn out to be an excellent way of learning to live with the differences among individuals and grow up in an environment without bullying, towards a happy and free society where each person can simply be themselves, without judgement.

7. Nudity is society's ideal vision.

Naturism permits you to cut yourself off from a materialist lifestyle in order to rediscover the values founded on nature and a body in harmony with nature. It is making a resurgence alongside today's 'green' trend.