5 Activities to enjoy at a naturist campsite

Are you planning on visiting a naturist village with your loved ones and don’t know what kind of family activities you might find there? Some people find it awkward to be in a place full of nudists and marvel at such a spectacle.

What they do not know is that nudists hold fun-filled activities that are suited to adults and kids of all ages. Some of them include:


This is one of the most common family activities that you will find in such a campsite. If you visit any naturist center, the chances are that they will have a swimming pool even if the campsite it is located next to the sea. Here, you will find people swimming naked, but the amazing thing is that everyone fits right in and has a great time. As much as it may seem like a spectacle to some, it is an activity that you can enjoy as a family.



Mostly, this sport is played on a beach. People enjoy the feeling of their feet in the sand as they compete. How about getting into different teams in the naturist village and competing against one another? This is a great sport for the grownups. Do not worry about your kids as they could join the others in the naturist campsite where they can enjoy watching an animation. All kids love everything about animation and such activities normally get availed to them in these campsites.


Imagine going on a hike in your birthday suit. This can be possible in any naturist campsite. You will get to explore all their trails and be one with nature. Gather everyone and explore nature as you hike around trails or the beach. Since you do not want to get sunburnt while out on your trail, do it the first thing in the morning when it is still fairly cool. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you to help keep hydrated. When the temperatures get too high, make use of the swimming pool at the naturist center to cool down before embarking on the next adventure.

Beach Soccer/Football

Just like volleyball, football can be played on the shores or in the water. It is a great way to have everyone in the family working out and having fun at the same time. Form teams and avoid being on the same team as a family to make it even more exciting.

Treasure Hunting

A treasure hunt is a fun sport to play with the whole family. Adults can hide objects all over the campsite and have the kids go on a treasure hunt. They can organise presents for the winners to make it even more fun for everyone.